Digital Dental X-rays in North York

Digital Dental Xray in North York

X-rays are taken during your first visit to Haas Dental Centre and are taken during subsequent dental check-ups to ensure that there are no developing dental problems. X-rays capture an image of your teeth's internal structure that cannot otherwise be seen. Often dental problems occur under the tooth's enamel or below the gum line. If left untreated, dental problems can cause pain and discomfort.

Many dentists rely on traditional dental X-rays machines that utilize film. The film can take awhile to develop as well as requiring a higher level of exposure to X-ray radiation than is needed with digital technology. At Haas Dental Centre we use digital dental X-ray technology. Digital dental X-rays can be viewed immediately, eliminating the need for you to wait for developing. Digital X-rays reduce your exposure to radiation comparatively while giving a clearer picture that can be resized and enhanced on a computer. This reduces the likelihood that additional image needs to be taken as well as helping us catch potential dental problem in their earliest stages.

Toronto dentist Dr. Dan Haas uses digital dental X-rays in his dental office.

The digital X-ray machines used at Haas Dental Centre are:

  • Optime digital X-ray machine
  • OP200D Instrumentarium Digital Panorex machine
  Digital Dental Xray in North York

Optime Digital X-ray Machine

The Optime digital X-ray machine uses imaging plates instead of film. This is an advantage over traditional X-ray machines because no environmental harmful chemicals are used to develop the images. Dr. Haas and team can precisely place the imaging plates in position reducing your discomfort. There are two different sizes of imaging plates to allow for the best fit possible.

X-rays sometimes may need to be retaken with traditional X-ray machines. The Optime machine uses unique technology that eliminates the need for additional X-rays. The Optime machine takes clear images each time it is used. Additional X-rays seldom need to be taken and you will not have a long wait while the X-rays develop. These are a few of the advantages of digital X-rays with the Optime machine.

Digital Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-rays of your entire oral cavity are an important aspect of general dentistry and preventing dental problems. Many dental problems will not show up on individual X-rays. A panoramic X-ray will show Dr. Haas how your teeth are aligned, if there are problems with your tooth roots or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and how adult teeth are developing and coming in.

Haas Dental Centre in North York uses the OP200D Instrumentarium Digital Panorex machine to take a full panoramic image of your smile. You will stand in front of the machine as it moves in a half circle around you. Your digital X-ray will be ready in seconds after the image is taken.

To schedule a consultation and have digital dental X-rays taken of your smile, please contact the dental team at Haas Dental Centre in North York, Toronto at (416) 638-8999.