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May 2015: Tips, eNews and More!

On Mother's Day weekend Dr. Dan, his girls Yael and Limona, and wife Daneal got to enjoy a day with a fun bike ride which started through Edwards Garden trails and finished at the Shops of Don Mills. It was a very hot day but Yael and Limona were willing to tough it out knowing that there was a reward at the end of their cycle. Their reward was a good old ice cream. Times have not changed, those luring rewards still work.

Many of you might recall when Dr. Dan's eldest daughter Yael was born. Well, surprisingly time has flown by as she recently turned twelve and celebrated her birthday with a sleepover with a bunch of her friends. There was a lot of fun going on all night at her party but unfortunately for Dr. Dan and Daneal there was very little sleeping.

Yael just finished performing at an Annie school production as she played one of the orphans. All the hard work over the past few months payed off. Her entire family was very proud of her, she is a natural.

Periodically, Dr Dan likes to spend one-on-one time with one of his girls for the day. Recently he got to enjoy a whole day downtown with Limona. Part of the day included a visit to Roy Thompson Hall for a lecture presented by National Geographic Live. They also found the time to pose for numerous selfies and walk the great streets of Toronto.

For those of you who have noticed our flowers arrangements at the office and wonder who does them? Well, our secret florist is Antonella. We do know that she takes pride in adding this extra touch to the office but we strongly believe that Antonella does it as a therapeutic exercise. Either way, keep up the great work!

Dr. Schacht is back into the swing of things, and it is finally starting to look like he brought some of the wonderful Florida weather with him. While in Florida Dr. Schacht did a lot of golfing, enjoyed some quality time with family and friends and even visited the ocean a few times. Dr. Schacht and his wife, Lorraine, also had the pleasure of having their son and his family come visit them during Passover.

Dr. Schacht recently celebrated his 83rd birthday. We treated him here at the office by ordering in lunch of his choice, and his wife, Lorraine, sent him some wonderful desserts. We hope to celebrate many more years together.
Celia is super excited about this amazing weather we have been having. She has been spending a lot of time outside by taking her dog to the dog park and by going on bike rides with the family every evening. For Mother's Day, Celia and her daughter, Monica, spent the day with her parents. They treated grandma with lunch and bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers which Monica enjoyed picking out. They also went for a walk in the park. It was a day well spent.

Nicole had a wonderful Mother's Day with her 2 daughters. After getting surprised with breakfast in bed they spent most of the day at Edwards Garden walking the trails and watching the wildlife.

This past month Liat welcomed her first niece, Lilly, into the family. She is a beautiful and precious bundle of joy. Both mommy and baby are doing well. Liat says that Lilly is such a great sleeper.

Antonella had a great Mother's Day! Isabella spoiled her by making breakfast, Gabriella picked some flowers from the backyard and the boys made really nice cards. They ended the day with a family BBQ.

The months of April and May were busy for Isabella and Andrew with their dance competitions. Antonella and her husband are very proud of their achievements and progressing talents.

Diana spent Mother's Day enjoying dinner with her mom and family. She also got a chance to go to the Blue Jays game with her sisters in the afternoon.

Have a safe and healthy month,

The Team at Haas Dental Centre

Tips for Soda Drinkers

Sugary drinks such as sodas and pops have been getting a lot of attention lately. They are even considering warning labels similar to cigarettes on their packaging. If you're like me and enjoy the occasional pop with lunch or during the work day here are some tips to limit the damage to your teeth.

For starters, try the sugar-free versions - they are less likely to cause cavities, although they still damage enamel.

Also try to drink your pop during a meal, drink through a straw (to minimize contact with teeth), and follow a pop with a good drink of water to rinse the mouth clean. If possible, brush your teeth after you're done.

Most importantly limit your pop consumption. Remember, that once it passes through your teeth, the rest of your body has to deal with it and that's a whole other story.

Healthy Poutine!

Okay, okay, maybe not healthy poutine, but much healthier poutine! Originating in Quebec, poutine is made of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. A few alterations of the main ingredients can improve the nutritional value in poutine without altering its delicious taste.

The nice thing about this recipe is its flexibility. Use your favourite potatoes or, instead of using cheese curds, substitute with partly skimmed mozzarella cheese or even fat-free cottage cheese.

Click here for the full recipe!

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