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June 2015: Tips, eNews and More!

Recently Dr. Dan took part at the Ride for the Heart in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. His cycle took place on the Gardiner and DVP on a cold and rainy Sunday. Dr. Dan did find that his 50km ride was a lot harder than his daily cycle to work and commented on how impressed he was with the riders that cycled the longer 75km route with so much ease.

Dr. Dan's older daughter Yael greeted him with a huge hug when he returned home from the ride and told him how proud she was of him. Her next comment to him was, "Did you pee in your pants?" She didn't realize how drenched he was from the rain.

Yael just had her first formal school dance for graduating grade 6. When Dr. Dan dropped her off at the dance he just wanted to take his time and soak in this significant moment but Yael would have none of that. She told him with a firm tone "Dad, you can go now!"

Both of Dr. Dan's daughter started to take Self Defence classes and are loving it. So far both Dr. Dan and his wife Daneal have been lucky not to become practice targets of Limona's and Yael's new punching and kicking moves.
Last week, by coincidence, both Diana and Dr. Dan were fortunate enough to be invited to see a Blue Jays game on the same night. Dr. Dan thought that he was lucky to be at a private box above first base but Diana topped him by being in a private box above home plate. Either way they both had a great time. Dr. Dan's wife Daneal who went with him did joke that he was way too busy to actually watch the game as he was doing what he really loves, socializing with others (most of which he has never even met before). Daneal should not complain too much as he at least made the time to pose for a picture with her. Lol
Antonella and her family celebrated Gabriella's 3rd birthday. Gabriella was so excited as she celebrated with her family and friends at the gymnastic playground centre. Gabriella had so much fun and loved her Minnie Mouse birthday cake. Isabella and Andrew just completed their dance year. The dance recital was amazing. Adriano has started his outdoor soccer league, they were excited that he has scored his first goal of the season! Way to go Adriano! Antonella and Angelo are very proud of their children's performances and accomplishments.

During the long weekend in May, Diana vacationed in Jamaica for a week with her family. She had a wonderful time there and is already planning her next vacation. In the month of June Diana had seven birthdays to celebrate. Among them was her goddaughter, Brooklyn, who turned 1 year old!

On May 24th, Iola's daughter Julia had a beautiful day for her Confirmation. They celebrated the day with their family and friends which made the day very special. Iola has two children. Her son Joseph is sixteen and just completed grade eleven. Julia's fourteen and just finished grade eight. The whole family is looking forward to the summer before the kids go back to school in September.

The weather is finally starting to feel more like summer and Celia has been busy planting all her veggies and spending most of her time outdoors with the family. On June 10th it was Portugal Day and there where festivities happening the whole week. Celia took her daughter, Monica, to go see the Portugal Day Parade and although the weather wasn't the greatest, it was wonderful to see all the people who braved the rain.
Dr. Schacht is fully back into the swing of things working Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The days he's not at work he can probably be found on the golf course practicing his swing and hanging out with his friends. Dr. Schacht had a wonderful Father's Day spending time with his three kids and all the grandkids.

Nicole had a busy last month with birthday celebrations. Her grandfather turned 85 and her oldest daughter, Calie, turned 7. They celebrated together with lots of family and friends who flew in from England, Winnipeg and P.E.I. They all had a great time celebrating and catching up.

Have a safe and healthy month,

The Team at Haas Dental Centre

Remember to Brush After Lunch!

Look both ways before you cross the street
Always hold an adult's hand
Brush your teeth after every meal

These were all good pieces of advice when you were a kid. Well guess what? You should always look both ways, it is nice to hold someone's hand and you should still brush your teeth after every meal!

Make a habit out of keeping a tooth brush at your workplace, and take a moment to clean your teeth after lunch - your email can wait. Keep your workplace tooth brush well covered, dry it after each use and change it more frequently than your home brush (due to germs). Brushing your teeth will help protect them from decay, refresh you, and get rid of the garlic taste from that pasta you ate. Your mouth will appreciate it and so will your coworkers.

Brushing is a part of a larger oral care program that involves regular dental visits.

Lime Chicken Soft Tacos

It's easy to lose track of time when you're out enjoying the sun on a beautiful summer day. If you arrive home and realize you haven't eaten yet, these simple but delicious chicken tacos are sure to hit the spot. This easy-to -follow, and highly customizable recipe is perfect for a quick bite on a warm summer evening!

Click here for the full recipe!

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